P.U.D.U: Project Unifying Dead Underworld

P.U.D.U (Project Unifying Dead Underworld) is a sci-fi survival horror virtual reality (VR) game that immerses players in a space prison on the moon surrounded by failed experiments of mutated prisoners from the planet Earth. Malaysian made Sci-fi horror Virtual Reality game. Inspired by the famous prison, Pudu jail. Includes well known local supernatural entities based on local ghost folklore. The game’s goal is to escape from the moon prison station by fighting the mutated prisoners and defeating the evil scientist who practices black magic (Bomoh). Inspired by the Penjara Pudu itself, some of the enemies are based on certain infamous prisoners.


P.U.D.U: Project Unifying Dead Underworld

  • Developer: Multimedia University (MMU)
  • Publisher: -
  • Release date:Coming Soon
  • Genres: Action, Indie, Shooter
  • Lengueges: English, Malay
  • Available on platforms:
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