Epic Odyssey

  • Developer: Hiker Games
  • Publisher: Hiker Games
  • Release date:2020-06-15
  • Genres: Role-Playing, Simulation, Indie, Adventure, Strategy
  • Lengueges: English, Chinese(Simplified), Vietnamese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Available on platforms:
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Immerse in the fantasy world of Epic Odyssey - the exceptional adventure strategy RPG with visually-stunning 3D graphics! Are you willing to travel off the beaten path? Will you be the champion to redeem the soul of creatures on the Continent? Explore the vivid wilderness full of mythical beings of another realm. Defend the Temple Priestess. Hunt down valuable ancient treasures. The strongest heroes, each possess their own unique skill and faction, are waiting to help you along the journey. Recruit and train them to fight together in fast-paced battles to get the most out of your heroes' attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. Your heroic union is the last hope of the world to fight against evils!