Memories – Interactive Otome Stories

Developer Agate
Publisher Agate
Release Date 2020-01-21



Memories brings interactive stories and experiences to player fingertips, where player choices hold weight and meaning with every chapter. Taking on the familiar webtoon format, and incorporating interactive story elements, Memories is an entire library of new worlds, new lives, and new mysteries waiting for to be explored. Fall in love for the first time, all over again. Peer into the darkest recesses of your nightmares, or explore far off fantasy lands as a would-be queen. Player will live their stories as your own. Player will engage with interactive characters and form relationships that will last – or not – by the choices you make. Player will shape the future of empires and romances by their action and the consequences therein. As player progress through the riveting stories of each character, player choices and decisions will bring new memories for player and the worlds their discover. Unlike their favorite webtoons, player choices will have lasting effects as they progress through the chapters and take center stage as the main character. Romance, adventure, drama, and mystery await in our library of lives and memories. What will you choose live today?