Faerie Afterlight

Developer Clay Game Studio
Publisher Clay Game Studio
Release Date Coming Soon



Faerie Afterlight is a Platformer-Metroidvania game that allows the player to control enemies and the surrounding environment. === ABOUT === Faerie Afterlight is a beautifully visualized Platformer-Metroidvania game with comforting, tuneful music and a tale, unlike any bedtime story to accompany. The tale is about the journey of the Light Seeker, Kimo, and his fairy friend, Wispy. Tied by fate and united by the same goal, the two found each other and soon become close friends. Now, they are both on a quest to find each shattered piece of Lucentia in the lustrous land of Lumina. === FEATURES === * Delightful ambiance and spectacular sceneries * Breathtaking view of the sceneries of the game. Your eyes are going to be pampered with color plays and a clean user interface. * Friends or foes? * Why be enemies when we can be friends and help each other? Turn your enemies into your allies and make your way through the game! * Interactive environment * A dead-end won't pose a problem if you can move the walls and platforms. Experience Wispy's abilities to move the environment around you as you push forward! * Explore many terrains of Lumina * There are nooks and crannies, hidden objects, secret doors, and secret passages from the high lands to the ground again; colorful adventures and shadowy forest, who knows if you will find some hidden sacred relics or meet a new friend! * Getting stronger * After defeating a boss, Kimo will gain a new ability by utilizing the dropped monster part. Eg: Spider Legs allow him to jump over vertical walls, Beetle Horn provides him the ability to dash in the air and many more! * Shop * Find merchants spread all over Lumina. Buy their stuff to upgrade your stats such as health and energy.