Good Knight

Developer Team Good Knight
Publisher Doublethink Games
Release Date Coming Soon



Game Info "Prepare to DIE IN METAL HELL!" We fused shooter, rhythm, arcade, retro, and more in this Dante's inferno meets Philippine Horror bullet-hell. Slay hell in this Philippine horrors, history, and literature fuse with Greek stories like Dante's Inferno story. Good-Knight is a Butt-clenching Arcade Metal Game influenced by games like Super-Hexagon, Castlevania, and Touhou. It's almost genre-less as it fuses genres like Shooters Rhythm Puzzle Bullet-Hell. Game Play You only need one button because you only have one job- survive from the bullet hell! With this magical button, you can perform turn around, attack, speed down, sustained attack. So yeah, use it responsibly, don't miss fire your neighbor girl! Use the arrow key or joystick to aim your attack. Destroy the bullet shooting enemy can make your survival much easier, but definitely not necessary. After you master the “dungeon dance move”, you won’t need them anymore- show some mercy to the pitful dungeon! For rookies, we recommend using the bullet time button when the situation is intensified. It can save you anytime you want, the knight has already mastered this ability so that you can unlimitedly use it. However, "Don't abuse it! You will be punished for playing with time!" -Said a wise guy. Compete with your friends and players around the world on the leaderboard! Game Features Hardcore bullet hell with the minimalist operation -Massive bullets; die from one hit. -Only one button is required to complete the game. Mixed culture: Philippine horrors, history, and literature fuse with Greek stories “You got a reverse Centaur (a man with a head of a horse) called Tikbalang, a Smoking tree man who smokes so much, that creates fog so people get lost in the mountains and the Aswang which is a traditional Vampire but with a twist where it dislocates its lower body and flies away looking for victims at night.” -Zaid Al-Shaheed, co-founder of Team Good Knight Experience the blockbuster visual and audio enjoyment -Atmosphere rendering inspired by Devil May Cry and Castlevania. -Multiple camera angles: automatically angle switch follows game progress. -Original metal soundtrack. -Plus your neat game control! Invite your friends to play with you! Online or in-person. "Party with Good Knight, take shots with your friends!" -Said the same wise guy.