Blood Moon: Genesis

Developer Project: G
Publisher UOW Malaysia KDU
Release Date 2020-04-11



Blood Moon: Genesis is an action, boss battle action game where the player takes control of the Lunar and Solar Fox that was sent to the underworld to seal the demon Shuten Doji as he grows in power and escapes the underworld that he was sealed in thousands of years ago by the divine. Players have to utilize both forms (Lunar which is faster and agile form and Solar which is a slower but higher damage-dealing form). When one form is active the other will be in a resting state which will gradually recover health. Both forms are independent and have their own interchangeable health bar but when one form dies so will the other. Shuten Doji is the main boss in the game. Although he is alone he has the abilities to summon Onis to aid him in battle. Every playthrough will also be different based as Shuten Doji has the ability to change his attack patterns from time to time based on the player's movements and actions.