Joojee's Journey

Developer Digital Innovative Design and Technology Center
Publisher DigiPen Game Studios
Release Date Coming Soon



Embark on a heartwarming journey in Joojee's Journey! Joojee woke up in her room and a drawing with a handwritten "My Friends", BUT she couldn't recall anyone in the drawing at all. As she decided to go on a journey to recover her lost memory, she found a mysterious magic brush that allows her to enter anyone's mind. Inside each character's mind, the player will face: - Challenging platformer sequences. - Memorable and touching or maybe funny memories of the characters in this game. (We have a lot!) - Mind-bending puzzles. Fear not, we have an assist mode that lets everyone enjoy the heartwarming experience of Joojee's Journey without the frustration of harder obstacles. Prepare to laugh, smile and cry by well-crafted dialogues (In Thai, English, and prepare for Japanese and more.)