15th June 2022

Introduction to GnG

As an Indie, We understand Indies

Welcome to Games and Gamers, a platform representing Malaysian gaming content with strong and reliable commercialisation services to increase the visibility of local indie games. With over 250.6 million gamers in South East Asia, of which 20.1 million are gamers living in Malaysia, Games and Gamers is a platform designed to be a gathering hub for both gamers and developers.

Our main objective is to highlight Malaysian content and create a healthy ecosystem to support studios. In total, we have 67 well-known developers that have expressed their interests in coming onboard Games and Gamers and that’s just the start. As we continue to grow, you can be sure that more developers will be coming onboard to join the Games and Gamers community.


Currently, we are the only Malaysian games store initiated by the Malaysian Government to commercialize local games. Through our partnership with MDEC, the promotion of local games to the regional market has never been easier.

What to look forward to?

Over 100+ well-known games to select from with …

Underrated games from indie studios around the region, whose stories may go untold due to a shortage of commercialisation channels for indies. GnG will allow these studios to have a space to share their achievements and creativity with the gaming community, enabling them to get progressive feedback from gamers so they can continue developing games and improve their portfolio. Games and Gamers is the one stop spot for all gamers out there to enjoy low prices and bundle discounts on games.

An all-in-one entertainment hub for gamers and content seekers to enjoy. From Twitch streams and highlights to game updates and trailers, keep yourself up-to-date with the latest from GnG by tuning in to our local streamers, BrianSivasamB00, PaternDD, soveryC and Ninja_Coww as they play some of the hottest games in the market and share their reviews and experience playing the game.

Feel free to join our community on Discord to connect with other gamers around South East Asia and stay updated with the latest that Games and Gamers has to offer. You will also have the chance to connect with some of our local developers and join in custom game nights. Games and Gamers is the platform to go to for all your gaming needs. We deliver the ultimate gaming experience!