Summery ENDURA, a place where players engage in high-speed action, battling fantastical beasts, delivering seeds of a mystical tree world, and becoming the ultimate Endurans. Core Experience Equipped with powerful gears, you set out traversing the world by grappling, teleporting and flying to restore the branches of YAGRA, a broken mythical tree-world where bunians, magic, and monsters exist while hunting down the savage titans, ULEK MAYAN who's been plaguing the world for centuries. Story Jack who’s recently released from prison time in Barzakh joins the infamous league known as ENDURA to find his father but little did he know, the world has changed and so will his fate.



  • Developer: IFIO
  • Publisher: IFIO
  • Release date:Coming Soon
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie, Multiplayer, Role-Playing, Shooter
  • Lengueges: English
  • Available on platforms:
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