Code Atma; Indonesian Horror Idle RPG

  • Developer: Agate
  • Publisher: Agate
  • Release date:2020-06-25
  • Genres: Role-Playing
  • Lengueges: Indonesian
  • Available on platforms:
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Code Atma is a new take on the idle RPG genre, set in a mystical world where technology and supernatural entities come together. The game introduces familiar Indonesian myths, folklores, and ghost-stories to players. There are over 100 lore-driven hero (or we call it ‘Atma’) characters that players can collect—all adapted from Indonesian culture. We redefine, twist, and retell the stories so they fit more to modern audience. Based on a survey we released to the players, this twist on Code Atma creates a sense of relatability in which makes collecting and learning the background story of each Atma becomes one of the most exciting activities in the game. - Strong metagame with deep characters’ synergies à players can show their own unique line-up and strategy.    - An interface that is like an app, wrapped with an immersive narrative and visual novel-style storytelling à getting the players more immersed to the game’s universe, giving the feel that they’re really in control.   - Intense and mature story and characters, introducing familiar Indonesian myth, folklore, and ghost-stories in a modernized/cool way.   - 100+ beautifully designed Atma characters and unique skills that motivate players to collect them all.   One of the most liked and awaited features from the players is the story. As a Seeker (Code Atma’s players name-calling), armed with a mysterious app that wields the power of other worlds, players will be thrust into a battle to collect, combat, and uncover creatures derived from the vast cultural heritage of Indonesia.