Developer Heaven Tales Entertainment
Publisher Heaven Tales Entertainment
Release Date Coming Soon



Rokudo is an exploration adventure set in the Japanese realms of afterlife (Samsara)! Minori is a young hermit with a relentless quest to search for his lost faithful companion dog. He must venture into the nearby forest to search for the clue of his dog whereabouts. The game will take the player deep into different Buddhist existence realms (Samsara) such as human realm, animal realm, spirit realm, Asura realm, hell realm and heaven realm. In his relentless journey, he will meet Yokai, spirit, Asura and different Asian mythological beings. The journey is a representation of the protagonist trying to achieve enlightenment. Key Features: - Explore six realms of rebirth: Human, Animal, Spirit, Asura, Hell and Heaven realm - Discover belief and culture behind each rebirth realm - Massive interactive and interconnected world - Befriend with more than 30 different Yokai and Asian folklore creatures - Dynamic story telling with multiple dialogue choices - Evolve with gating skills and powerful fighting abilities - Fight more than 20 epic and quirky bosses - Multiple phases of big bosses