Lockdown Hero

  • Developer: Brick Geek Games
  • Publisher: Brick Geek Games
  • Release date:2020-08-20
  • Genres: Role-Playing, Indie, Adventure
  • Lengueges: English
  • Available on platforms:
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A brand new 3D open world adventure, Be a hero and save the world from the Covid-19 pandemic! A new pandemic emerged and the city is on lockdown, you are the chosen one to find the cure and be a hero to save the world! Talk to people to find clues, explore several maps to uncover mysteries which can help the community. Along the way you will meet new people and teach you survival skills and will give special items to help you on your mission. This 3D open world have various ways to play, you can Farm and harvest, play mini games at the casino, unlock hidden gears, play football, discover a lot of hidden areas, earn in-game achievements and so much more. There's really a lot of cool things you can do in this game! Key features: - Open world 3D environment - Character customization - Arcade games - Dungeons - Numerous side quests - Farming and harvesting - Car Driving - Ball games - Memes - In-game achievements